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Vision & Mission

Our Vision

To create the united and self-sustainable country free from evils like casteism, corruption, separatism, poverty, illiteracy, unhygienic and unhealthy environment and bring into a sense of responsibility towards mother earth by one and all.

Our Mission

  1. To ensure effective learning in the classes, Minimum Learning Level must be achieved in the classes at each grade level. It suffices to make sure no failures reported and observed in the classes.  The teacher facilitates the active learning in the classrooms and ensures Minimum learning level must be achieved by each learner in his/her class.
  2.  To promote the holistic development in children. The active measures to fulfill the needs of students at Physical, Educational, Socio-emotional, Language and Creative Development.  It encourages the self confidence and ethical values in students.
  3. To instill self-discipline to each and every student of the school.
  4. To encourage enrichment among staff members this improves the teaching quality in the course of time. Through workshops and in-house training sessions, teachers are encouraged to update on current scenario of development in Education.
  5. To create modern infrastructure and safe environment for students and staff, this facilitates the quality Education.
  6. To develop healthy partnership between parents and school. It encourages involvement and participation of parents in day to day school activities.